RIISS00034 – Surface Coal Mine Safety Skill Set (STANDARD 11)

S123 – RIICOM301E Communicate information & RIIRIS301E Apply risk management processes & RIIWHS301E Conduct safety and health investigations

RIIRIS402E – Carry out the risk management process (G2)

RIIMPO304E – Conduct wheel loader operations

RIIMPO205E – Operate roller/compactor

RIIMPO206D – Conduct bulk water truck operations

RIIMPO208F – Operate support equipment

RIIMPO301E – Conduct hydraulic excavator operations

RIIMPO302E – Conduct hydraulic shovel operations

RIIMPO303E – Conduct rope shovel operations

RIIMPO304E – Conduct wheel loader operations

RIIMPO308F – Conduct tracked dozer operations

RIIMPO309F – Conduct wheeled dozer operations

RIIMPO310F – Conduct grader operations

RIIMPO312E – Conduct scraper operations

RIIMPO315E – Conduct tractor operations

RIIMPO317F – Conduct roller operations

RIIMPO318E – Conduct civil construction skid steer loader operations

RIIMPO319E – Conduct backhoe/loader operations

RIIMPO321F – Conduct wheeled front end loader operations

RIIMPO322E – Conduct tracked front end loader operations

RIIMPO334E – Conduct skid steer loader operations using attachments

RIIMPO336E – Conduct belly dump truck operations

RIIMPO337E – Conduct articulated dump truck operations

RIIMPO338E – Conduct rigid haul truck operations

RIIMPO401D – Supervise mobile plant operations

RIISAM202E – Isolate and access plant

RIISAM203E – Use hand and power tools

RIISAM205E – Cut, weld & bend materials

RIISAM212E – Service mine plant and equipment

RIISAM213E – Position & set up mobile lighting

AURKTJ011 – Remove, inspect, and fit earthmoving & off-the-road tyres

AURKTJ012 – Remove, inspect, and fit earthmoving & off-the-road wheel & rim assemblies

MSMPER200 – Work in accordance with an issued permit

MSMPER300 – Issue work permits

MSMWHS201 – Conduct hazard analysis

MSMWHS217 – Gas test atmospheres

TLIF0020 – Safely access the rail corridor

RIIWHS201E – Work safely & follow policies & procedures

RIIWHS202E – Enter & work in confined spaces

RIIWHS204E – Work safely at heights

RIIWMG201D – Conduct dewatering activities in surface operations

RIIVEH201E – Operate light vehicle

RIIVEH202E – Operate a medium vehicle

RIIVEH303E – Drive heavy combination vehicle

RIIVEH305E – Operate and maintain a four-wheel drive vehicle

RIIVEH307E – Operate heavy rigid vehicle

RIIRIS201E – Conduct local risk assessment

RIIRIS202E – Respond to site based spills

RIIMEX302D – Assess ground conditions

RIISAM301F – Test operational functions of vehicles & equipment

RIIENV201E – Identify & assess environmental & heritage concerns

RIIERR201E – Conduct fire team operations

RIIGOV201E – Comply with site work processes

RIIHAN201E – Operate a Forklift

RIIHAN203E – Conduct lifting operations

RIIHAN311F – Conduct operations with integrated tool carrier

LVR/CPR – HLTAID009 Provide cardiopulmonary resuscitation & UETDRMP007 Perform rescue from a live LV panel

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